Korea Towers World Trade Center Exploding

Monday, 12 December 2011

Korea Towers Resembles World Trade Center Exploding- A prominent architecture firm MVRDV has designed a complex apartment skyscrapers for two connected luxury residential towers in Seoul, Korea that reminds people of the twin towers exploding on 9/11. MVRDV is a Rotterdam, Netherlands -based global operating architecture and urban design practice with an progressive ideal engaged in solving global issues that founded in 1991.

The name of project is The Cloud. A 260 meter tall tower and a 300 meter tall tower are connected in the centre by a pixelated cloud of additional program offering amenities and outside spaces with wide views. The towers with a total surface of 128,000m2 are expected to be completed in 2015.A mockup shows two soaring skyscrapers connected in the middle by a “pixelated cloud” that evoked the clouds of debris that erupted from the iconic World Trade Center towers after terrorists flew planes into them.

Reaction from the survivors of 9/11 and their families is very harsh. In an ironic twist, the towers will be at the entrance of the Yongsan Dreamhub project, which was designed by Daniel Libeskind, who created the master plan of the rebuilt World Trade Center. “MVRDV regrets deeply any connotations The Cloud project evokes regarding 9/11,” it wrote on its website. But they did not indicate any plans to change the design of the building.
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