Frank Gifford Hidden Hotel Cameras

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Frank Gifford hidden hotel cameras- In 1997, the Globe ran photos and stories of Gifford with Suzen Johnson. The tabloid reportedly paid the former flight attendant $75,000 to entice Gifford into a hotel room equipped with a hidden video camera.Though his image took a hit, Gifford endures as a symbol of dignity, strength and professionalism. "People have always looked for things in me that they'd like to see in themselves," he said. "I've experienced a lifetime of it."

Gifford teamed with Cosell, his longtime sparring partner who sarcastically referred to him as "Faultless Frank," for 13 seasons and Meredith for 11. For Gifford's first 15 years he was the play-by-play man; when Al Michaels replaced him in that role in 1986, Gifford became an analyst. After being forced out of the broadcast booth following the 1997 season, he spent a year as MNF's pregame host.
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