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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Politicians' Previous Jobs and Before Political Life- Politician had what job in a previous life of politicians already have money from their previous jobs as lawyers or private businessmen. Allegations against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain illustrate, pre-political history can haunt or help a candidate. We take a look at the lives of political leaders before they detoured into politics.
Jimmie Davis
Years in office: 1944 to 1948 and 1960 to 1964
Office: Former governor of Louisiana, Democrat
Political life: He served two nonconsecutive terms as governor and attempted, but failed, to enforce these, racial segregation controversial policies. Jimmie Davis + country singer

Helen Gahagan Douglas

Years in office: 1945 to 1951
Office: Former U.S. representative, California, Democrat
Political life: The three-term congresswoman was the first Democratic woman elected to Congress from California. During her time in office, she had an affair with a senator who later became president, Lyndon B. Johnson. Helen Gahagan + actress

Jack Kemp

Years in office: 1971 to 1993
Office: Former U.S. housing secretary and U.S. representative, New York, Republican
Political life: The nine-term congressman served as housing secretary, for george h. w. bush, and was the Republican vice presidential nominee, his presidential running mate Bob Dole, in the 1996 election.
Previous gig: Kemp took more than a pass at a pre-political career. jack kemp pro football quarterback for NFL and AFL

John Glenn

Years in office: 1974 to 1999
Office: Former U.S. senator, Ohio, Democrat
Political life: Glenn was a potential three-time vice presidential running mate who also ran for the 1984 Democratic presidential nomination but lost to a veteran politician, Walter Mondale.
Previous gig: Glenn's pre-political career was out of this world. John Glenn + astronaut

Bill Bradley

Years in office: 1979 to 1997
Office: Former U.S. senator, New Jersey, Democrat
Political life: The three-term senator was an unsuccessful candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2000, the nominee Al Gore.
Previous gig: The former Rhodes scholar was a court standout before entering politics. Bill Bradley + NBA player

Ronald Reagan

Years in office: 1981 to 1989
Office: 40th president of the United States, Republican
Political life: The former governor of California, ronald reagan + governor of california + 1967-1975, defeated the incumbent, Jimmy Carter, to win his first presidential race. He was re-elected in a landslide in 1984. Ronald Reagan + movie actor

Clint Eastwood

Years in office: 1986 to 1988
Office: Former mayor, Carmel, Calif.; Libertarian
Political life: The one-term mayor served two years and later was appointed to the California State Parks and Recreation Commission, Gray Davis. Clint Eastwood + Dirty Harry

Fred Grandy

Years in office: 1987 to 1995
Office: Former U.S. representative, Iowa, Republican
Political life: He had been a U.S. representative for nearly a decade when he gave up his seat to run for another post and ultimately lost, +Fred Grandy run for "governor of iowa".
Previous gig: He was accustomed to being in the spotlight before entering politics. Fred Grandy + The Love Boat

Jim Bunning

Years in office: 1987 to
Office: U.S. representative and senator, Kentucky,
Political life: The five-term congressman won his U.S. Senate seat in 2004 but did not seek re-election in 2010, Rand Paul.
Previous gig: He roared into his first career. Jim Bunning + former Tiger and Phillies pitcher +

Shirley Temple Black

Years in office: 1989 to 1992
Office: Former U.S. ambassador to Czechoslovakia, Republican
Political life: She was appointed, Richard M. Nixon, representative to the United Nations and later ambassador to Ghana, appointed her Gerald R. Ford, before serving in her Czech post. Shirley Temple + child actress

Ben L. Jones

Years in office: 1989 to 1993
Office: Former U.S. representative, Georgia, Democrat
Politicallife: The two-term congressman failed to win re-election in 1992 and again in 1994, Newt Gingrich. Ben L. Jones + The Dukes of Hazzard

Herman Cain

Years in office: 1992 to
Office: Former chairman and deputy chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas,
Political life: Cain announced on May 21 his candidacy for the 2010 Republican presidential nomination. By mid-October he was inching his way up in the polls, closing in on front-runner Mitt Romney, but allegations of sexual harassment, women have made accusations, four women charge herman cain with sexual harassment, could tank his poll numbers. Herman Cain + former CEO of Godfather's Pizza

Sonny Bono

Years in office: 1995 to 1998
Office: Former U.S. representative, California, Republican
Political life: The former mayor, Palm Springs, California, advocated the restoration of this lake, Salton Sea, during his one term in office. The Sonny & Cher Show

Tom Osborne

Years in office: 2001 to 2007
Office: Former U.S. representative, Nebraska,
Political life: The three-term Nebraska congressman ran for governor of Nebraska in 2006 but lost the election to the incumbent Dave Heineman
Previous gig: He led the field before moving into politics. Tom Osborne + college football coach

Lynn Swann

Years in office: 2002 to 2005
Office: Former chairman, President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, Republican
Political life: After chairing the Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, for administration George w. Bush, Swann ran for governor of Pennsylvania in 2006 but lost the election to the incumbent, Ed Rendell.
Previous gig: His early career helped steel him for politics. Lynn Swann + NFL wide receiver + Steelers

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Years in office: 2003 to 2011
Office: Former governor of California, Republican
Political life: The two-term governor was first elected in 2003 in a special recall election, did he replace Gray Davis. He was re-elected in 2006 and served as a full-term governor.
Previous gig: He muscled up in his pre-political career. Arnold Schwarzenegger + actor and director

Heath Shuler

Years in office: 2007 to present
Office: U.S. representative, North Carolina, Democrat
Political life: The three-term congressman was resoundingly defeated, Nancy Pelosi, in his 2010 bid to be House minority leader.
Previous gig: Before landing in Washington, D.C., he passed through several cities in his former career. Heath Shuler + NFL quarterback

Dave Bing

Years in office: 2008 to present
Office: Detroit mayor, Democrat
Political life: Bing won his mayoral bid in a special election following the resignation of this beleaguered former mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick. Dave Bing + NBA point guard

Al Franken

Years in office: 2009 to present
Office: U.S. senator, Minnesota, Democrat
Political life: He won his seat against the Republican incumbent, Norm Coleman, in a tight race, close was it Al Franken + 312 votes, that required a mandatory statewide manual recount. Al Franken + Saturday Night Live writer
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