June viral videos

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

June viral videos

Another bumper crop of videos went viral in June. Millions of people worldwide have found them intriguing. Get ready to laugh, cry and shake your head.

'I Don't Want to be a Crappy Housewife'

Some bloggers are comparing Norwegian pop diva Tonje Langeteig and her viral video hit to this recent Web sensation and her song "Friday". Trashy, satirical, clever? Decide for yourself.

Korean singer Sung-bong Choi

Sung-bong Choi brought judges to tears on the Korean TV version of "America's Got Talent." He wowed audiences with his vocal gifts and his story of living on the streets and selling gum to survive.

River-surfing geese

Earlier this month, a videographer was filming kayakers surfing at the Glenwood Springs Whitewater Park, on a major river, when he spotted a group of geese drifting toward the waves. You rate their surfing form.River surfing is all the rage in the spring, when the water is flowing fast and furious.
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