How To Score Best Online Coupons

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

How To Score Best Online Coupons
Learn how to score best online coupons. Coupons can help any family save money and you can score the best ones from your local newspaper or from Websites. Before you go online, make sure you have checked out the weekly specials from your local newspaper.

15-30 minutes a week can save you a lot of money on food. Get to know store prices. Learning how to score best online coupons is easy.
There are plenty of online sites that offer top shelf brands. They are easy to navigate, but you need a printer. All you have to do is print out the coupon and take it to your nearest grocery store.
Most of the online sites make you register before you can retrieve coupons. The extra effort is well worth the quantity and savings these sites offer.
Make sure you are getting the Red Plum flyer. You can go online and order it if you don’t get it. They have weekly specials from coupons to discounts on local movies and pizza restaurants.
All the coupons you select on these sites will go into a “My Saved Coupons” area Sometimes it is called a “cart.” When you’re ready, you can review and print them all at one time.
The Red Plum site has a “Store Specials” tab that provides links to local grocers’ weekly specials. They are the same specials that come with their monthly flyer. Some websites allow you to choose your desired coupons for a fee of the total savings (usually 5-15%).
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