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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Athlete nicknames are usually mush more famous than their real names. But these nicks can be pegged to a small-town upbringing like big country airplane reeves, a pompous attitude like prime time deion sanders, a cool attitude like papa bell teammates "so cool" excited call, or nothing in particular like catfish hunter nickname finley
Harmon Clayton Killebrew was born on June 29, 1936 and died last month pn May 17, 2011, nicknamed "Killer" and "Hammerin' Harmon", was an American professional baseball first baseman.In honor of the passing of "Killer" on May 17, we look at some athletes behind the famous nick names.

Teddy Ballgame Williams

Team Played for: "Teddy Ballgame", who had several nicknames, played his entire career as a fielder for the Boston Red Sox.
 The nickname: His longevity was the inspiration.His nicknames include “the Kid,” “Teddy Ballgame,” and “the Splendid Splinter.”

The Hit Man Mattingly

Team Played for: "The Hit Man" played for the New York Yankees and currently manages the Los Angeles Dodgers.
The nickname: His batting average and post-playing career lived up to the name.

Yogi Berra

Team Played for: "Yogi" was a longtime Yankee remembered as one of the best players for his field position.
The nickname: Bobby Hofman nicknamed "Yogi," inspired by his holy resemblance. The name seemingly inspired a cartoon.

Babe Ruth

Team Played for: George Herman Ruth, Jr. was best known as "Babe" Ruth and nicknamed "the Bambino" and "the Sultan of Swat". "The Babe," who left an indelible mark on baseball for his exceptional skill, was also known by two other nicknames.He was an American player.
The nickname: "Babe" stuck after players taunted him early on.

Magic Johnson

Team Played for: "Magic" joined the Los Angeles Lakers as the highest-ranked rookie and led the team to multiple championships. Earvin " Magic" Johnson Jr. is now a retired American professional basketball player who played point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball
The nickname: He was deemed "Magic" after a remarkable high school game.
Here are some other famous nick named athletes.

Athlete: Gary Payton.
Position: Point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers.
Nickname: The Glove.

Athlete: Randy Johnson.
Position: Pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks.
Nickname: The Big Unit.

Athlete: Tara Dakides.
Position: Pro Snowboarder.
Nickname: Terrorizer.

Athlete: Eric Lindros.
Position: Center for the NY Rangers.
Nickname: E-Train.

Athlete: Frank Thomas.
Position: First base for the Chicago Whitesox.
Nickname: The Big Hurt.

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