Burglar Caught After Butt Dialing 911

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Burglar Caught After Butt Dialing 911---A cell phone saved the day after a pair of Oklahomans called the cops after a burglary.

The twist--they were the thieves, and they had no idea they were dialing 911.

Investigators say the thieves were targeting families they thought might gone to a funeral. At least twice, victims in Pittsburg County were burglarized while they were at their loved one's funeral.

But it wasn't until deputies got the call that they were able to catch the crooks red-handed.

"I didn't even get to go through half the of the house," one suspect said during the phone call.

It was a conversation intended to be confidential and criminal in nature, but a pocket dial to the one number no crook would never purposely call changed that.

Last Friday night, Pittsburg County dispatchers were listening as two men on the other end of the line discussed their loot.

"We're good, I got enough jewelry, we're good," one said.

They debated going back into the house they'd just hit, only this time, one of the men wanted to park the getaway truck in the garage.

"What if something happened and they did come home, what would you do then?" he asked his accomplice.

But as the two were debating their next move, deputies were tracking them.

"Usually we have to go to the most extremes to catch someone," said Sheriff Joel Kerns.

But this time, Kerns said they just had to trace the call. He said deputies caught Payton Brewer, 23, at Gold and Silver Exchange, trying to sell some of the jewelry he'd just stolen.

The other suspect ran away when officers showed up, but the sheriff said they found evidence in Brewer's truck that links the men to more burglaries.

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