How To Grow Tobacco

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tobacco plantations in Chilik district of Almaty region were established during the time of the Union, when manufactured cigarettes "Kazakhstan", popular for its quality and flavor. Since then gave way to factories, instead of Kazakh cigarettes, new brand, and the plantations have continued to grow tobacco.

 Tobacco seeds are usually sown in February and transplanting in the open ground is carried out in April-May
 Grade of this tobacco is called "ordinary tobacco" (Nicotiana tabacum). A large plant with long leaves, up to a half or two feet tall. Information for our readers to name the plants 'nicotine' was in the XVI century and was named in honor of the French Ambassador to Portugal Jean Nico, who coined the French court snuff
 Collection of first tobacco leaves from mid-July until late August, when the leaves begin to turn yellow. On one bush ranges from 12 to 18 leaves, which are harvested by hand, starting from the bottom. Scrub with a broken lower leaves continue to grow for several days, had to develop the remaining leaves. Then removed middle leaves, and a few days later, the uppermost - they are the most intense and juicy
 To avoid absorption of tobacco tar in the skin, workers use gloves and closed clothes
 Unprofitable to remove the leaves in the immature or very green state, so long as they get dry and rough material that impairs their quality of commodities
 On the plantation area of 6 hectares per break-up is going to about a ton of raw material
 One sack weighs 30-45 kg of leaves
 Initially, all bags are collected under the canopy, then spread out the leaves and begin the next stage - a bunch of

 The most long and tedious step is just stringing the leaves
 During one working day strung cords 20-25
 During the six months of continuous work, he could earn 1,000 to $ 1,500. Work on tobacco plantations in the main inhabitants Kyrgystana and Uzbekistan, who specially come in season earnings. According to unofficial estimates of 4 to 30 thousand people
 But even if they are legally in Kazakhstan to talk about themselves they are not in a hurry - no need to once again remind ourselves of the immigration police. In addition, the press did not cease scandals against child labor in tobacco fields
 Of tobacco tar hands blackened. In addition, there are so-called "green tobacco sickness," when, because of the nicotine absorbed into the skin there is dizziness, headache, nausea and a red rash
 But for employees of the plantation - the only way to make money, so these "little things" do not pay attention
 After the tobacco leaves are collected in garlands, they are hung outdoors to dry

Weather permitting, the leaves are dried two or three days
 Rainy weather spoils the tobacco, the leaves start to turn black
 Ripe and the leaves give nedospevshie tobacco smoking with poorer qualities. By the highest grade is light yellow leaves
 Reddish-brown hue - this is the second grade, with a hint of blue and green - the third, black and green - the fourth and the lowest grade - green
 In addition to damage tobacco can carry and use. Tobacco oil made ​​from the flowers of tobacco, regulates the restoration of the body's cells through the skin in severe psoriasis
 Technology of production of this oil has been developed in Kazakhstan, an expert in plant and inventor Chebotovoy Alla Nikolaevna
P.S. Soon comes the season for cutting and pressing of tobacco, and after his surrender of the tobacco company. Voxpopuli will try to show all the steps. To be continued ...
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