Great Moments in Nature Hosts' Careers: Steve Irwin

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Great moments in nature hosts' careers: Steve Irwin: On the anniversary of Steve Irwin's tragic death, Steve Irwin stingray death , in 2006, we remember this famous animal-loving Australian  nickname the crocodile hunter who never ceased to amaze TV audiences with his dangerous wildlife stunts, Steve Irwin crocodile wrestling. Crikey, Steve Irwin crikey, Steve, you are missed but never forgotten.
TV show +The Crocodile Hunter TV

Bear Grylls
This British adventurer real name Edward Michael Grylls, shot into the spotlight when he became the youngest Briton, Northern Ireland, to climb this intimidating mountain, Mount Everest, at the age of 23. He continues to wow TV audiences today with his daring outdoor stunts, Bear Grylls stunts.
TV show Man vs Wild
Jack Hanna
Currently the director define Emeritus at an American zoo, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, this famous naturalist nickname Jungle Jack Hanna continues to entertain his fans by hosting multiple nature television shows and specials.
TV show +Jack Hanna's Into the Wild
Nigel Marven
A well-known personality in England, United Kingdom, this nature enthusiast got his start working as a producer for a famous British nature-show host, David Attenborough, Real name: David Frederick Attenborough, Date of birth: May 8, 1926, Occupation: Director, Actor. Nigel Marven finally stepped out from behind the camera in 1998, and his unorthodox and spontaneous presentation style, +Nigel Marven compared to Steve Irwin , grabs audiences' attention.
Bindi Irwin
The daughter of a world-famous nature show host, Steve Irwin, Real name: Stephen Robert Irwin, Date of birth: February 22, 1962, Date of death: September 4, 2006, this child star began appearing on television with her father at the age of 2. After his tragic death, Steve Irwin cause of death, Bindi Irwin 8 years old when her father dies, she continues to follow in his footsteps, reaching nature-loving audiences throughout the TV world.
Joan Embery
Born near a famous wildlife attraction, San Diego Zoo, San Diego, this animal advocate has been a staple on late-night television since 1971. A favorite of this "Tonight Show" host, Johnny Carson, Real name: John William Carson, Date of birth: October 23, 1925, Date of death: January 23, 2005, she regularly introduced exotic wildlife to American viewers.
Sir David Attenborough
Possibly the best-known television naturalist of all time, this BBC staple, BBC Sir David Attenborough, was the voice of an influential nature series for 29 years. Today he continues writing and producing nature shows, Frozen Planet, to educate viewers on environmental issues.
Jeff Corwin
After graduating with a master's degree, Jeff Corwin masters degree in wildlife and fisheries conservation , he got his TV break serving as an expedition naturalist on a National Geographic program, national geographic JASON Project.  From there he was launched into the spotlight, hosting many popular nature shows, Jeff Corwin biography.
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