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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Famous Women Firsts- Famous firsts of U.S. women. This printable quiz is a perfect activity for celebrating Women's History. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor was sworn in 30 years ago on Sept. 25 as the first female justice on the Supreme Court (list current supreme court justices). History is full of pioneering women who fought for the right to use their talent and intellect in male-dominated fields. Today we look back at other famous women's firsts.

Kathryn Bigelow

First woman to win an Oscar for best director
It was a landmark day when Kathryn Bigelow won an Oscar "Kathryn Bigelow" best director oscar. Her winning movie, The Hurt Locker, which was based on a journalist's, Mark Boal, war experiences, garnered great reviews, The Hurt Locker. Kathryn Bigelow painting , Untitled Osama bin Laden Film, James Cameron, Kathryn Bigelow point break

Lisa Leslie

First woman to dunk in professional basketball
It was a sight to behold when Lisa Leslie soared through the air to make history. The four-time gold medal Olympian, lisa leslie gold medals, spent 12 years with this team, los angeles sparks, and earned the honor of becoming the first WNBA player to score 5,000 points. Leslie first to score 5,000 points, Lisa Leslie middle school boys team , Lisa leslie 101 points

Madeleine Albright

First female secretary of state
Appointed by this president,William J. Clinton, Madeleine Albright became the highest-ranking woman, Albright highest ranking woman, in federal government history. She wielded her influence by shaping foreign policy and had an unusual diplomatic trademark, madeleine albright jeweled brooches, the use of which began with a special message to Saddam Hussein. Madeleine Albright Saddam Hussein snake, Madeleine Albright prague, madeleine albright refugee nazism communism, madeleine albright proudest Kosovo, madeleine albright madame secretary

France A. Córdova

First female chief scientist at NASA
France cordova was not only the first woman to hold a prestigious NASA position, NASA Chief Scientist, NASA chief scientist; she was also the youngest person. She has been awarded NASA's highest honor, NASA Distinguished Service Medal, and was named one of the "100 Most Influential Hispanics" by this magazine, Cordova Hispanic Business Magazine. Frances anne cordova oldest of 12 children, France anne cordova purdue president, France cordova mexican recipes

Nancy Lieberman

First woman to play pro men's basketball
This basketball star played with a professional men's team, "springfield fame" usbl, and became the first female pro basketball coach for this team, Texas Legends. The Hall of Famer, Nancy Lieberman detroit shock, still had her game on at 50, when she booked a seven-day contract, with the Detroit Shock. Nickname: Nancy Lieberman lady magic. Nancy Lieberman pickup teams, Nancy Lieberman youngest basketball player in Olympic history to win a medal, Nancy Lieberman assistant general manager

Joan Benoit

First woman to win an Olympic marathon
The year women were first allowed to run marathons in the Olympics, 1984 olympic women's marathon, joan benoit came away with the gold. The world record-holder shocked spectators by doing incredibly well just days after this surgery, Joan benoit 17 days after knee surgery. Joan Benoit long-distance running to help recover from a broken leg, Joan benoit 2010 chicago marathon, Joan benoit running tide

Phillis Wheatley

1767 historic first: Phillis Wheatley first African American published poet
Originally from this area, The Gambia, of Africa, Wheatley rose from slavery to become a successful author, phillis wheatley list of works, shop for her famous collection of poems, Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral, opening doors for both black and women writers. It wasn't an easy task; she had to prove her authorship in court, phillis wheatley defend her literary ability in court, and travel to London to get printed, since this bustling American city, Boston, Massachusetts, refused to publish her work. Phillis Wheatley slave, Mary wheatley tutor, To His Excellency George Washington phillis wheatley, phillis wheatley boston tea party

Elizabeth Blackwell

1849 historic first: Elizabeth Blackwell first female doctor in the united states
Blackwell was accepted to a New York college, Geneva Medical College, as a practical joke, Elizabeth blackwell admitted college as practical joke, but she went on to become a pioneer in the medical field despite formidable obstacles, Elizabeth blackwell obstacles. Her moving story inspired a 1950s TV drama, The Blackwell Story. Elizabeth Blackwell quaker, Elizabeth blackwell father progressive views, Elizabeth blackwell Samuel Blackwell’s sugar refinery was destroyed in a fire, Elizabeth blackwell Florence Nightingale

Mary Edwards Walker

1865 historic first: Mary Edwards Walker first woman to receive Medal of Honor
During the Civil War, she became a prisoner of war, mary edwards walker taken prisoner in 1864 by Confederate troops, after being captured behind enemy lines. She also became the first and only woman to receive this honor, medal of honor definition.+Mary Edwards Walker  first woman U.S. Army surgeon, Mary Edwards Walker  farming family in Oswego, New York, +Mary Edwards Walker men's clothes, liberty ship ss mary walker

Victoria Woodhull

1872 historic first: Victoria Woodhull first woman to run for president
A controversial feminist, Victoria Woodhull controversial, she ran for the top office under a newly formed party, equal rights party, even though women didn't yet have the right to vote. Her eccentric life, she made her first fortune, victoria woodhull magnetic healer, and she made her second, victoria woodhull new york stock exchange, included getting arrested just days before the election. Victoria woodhull arrested days before election publishing an obscene newspaper, Victoria Woodhull spiritualist, Victoria woodhull free love, Nicknames from the: Victoria woodhull bewitching brokers, America's victoria

Belva Lockwood

1879 historic first: Belva Lockwood  first female attorney argue a case before supreme court
This fearless attorney went from being a farmer's wife to getting an education, Belva Lockwood law school, and becoming one of the first female lawyers to accomplish this feat, Belva Lockwood  first female attorney argue a case before supreme court. She participated in arguing in the case of Kaiser v. Stickney Belva Lockwood. As if that wasn't enough, she ran for president, belva lockwood two presidential campaigns, twice belva lockwood 4,100 votes. Belva Lockwood 14 teaching elementary school, Susan b anthony, Belva lockwood denied diploma because she was a woman, The president Ulysses S. Grant

Marie Curie

First woman to win a Nobel Prize
This brilliant scientist, Marie Curie, shared the coveted prize, Nobel prize, with her husband, Pierre curie for their work in this field, Marie curie Nobel prize physics, then went on to win another for her discoveries in chemistry, Marie curie Nobel prize chemistry discovery of radium and polonium, making her the first person to win in two fields. Her inspiring story was made into a biographical film, Madame Curie, starring a talented 1940s actress, greer garson. Marie Curie early life warsaw, Irène Joliot-Curie, marie curie radiation exposure, marie curie paris pantheon

Gertrude Ederle

First woman to swim the English Channel
Even though the conditions, Gertrude ederle high winds 20-foot waves, were tricky, this Olympian, Gertrude ederle three olympic medals, swam an impressive 21 miles from France to England. Ederle set a world record, gertrude ederle 14 hours 31 minutes, breaking the men's record by more than two hours. Gertrude Ederle daughter german immigrant butcher, She played herself in this movie Swim, Girl, Swim, gertrude learned to swim Jersey shore, Water damaged gertrude ederle deaf
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