Chris McAlister : Stars who went broke

Friday, 23 September 2011

Chris McAlister- Former Ravens Baltimore Ravens player Chris McAlister made tens of million of dollars. He has to live with his parents despite signing a multimillion-dollar contract Chris McAlister signed a seven-year, $55 million extension in 2004. McAlister played five years on that contract before being released, then played briefly with the Saints before retiring. Of course, he’s not the first famous person to end up broke. Read through our slide show to see who else lost it all.

Burt Reynolds : Burt Reynolds $5 million cannonball run

The “Smokey and the Bandit” star, who filed for, Burt Reynolds bankruptcy 1996, after his divorce from this actress, Loni Anderson, is facing foreclosure on his $9 million Florida estate. Burt Reynolds $5 million cannonball run, 1997 comeback movie: Boogie Nights, Burt Reynolds age 75, Evening shade TV show

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt : Heidi montag $65,000 episode

The married former reality stars, the hills, and tabloid staples (Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt) say they spent all of their money, Many millions: Heidi Montag Spencer Pratt $10 million, and now have to live in Pratt’s parents’ beach house. Heidi montag $65,000 episode , Famous food VH1

Toni Braxton : Toni braxton $50 million

The six-time Grammy winner and reality star, Braxton family values, filed for bankruptcy, Toni braxton bankruptcy 2010, a second time last year after amassing millions in debt. Toni braxton $50 million
She make, Dancing with the stars $345,000, for her Dancing With the Stars TV stint. Toni braxton bankruptcy 1998

Scottie Pippen : Scottie Pippen $120 million

The NBA Hall of Famer, scottie pippen hall of fame, who lost his money in bad investments and big purchases, Scottie Pippen Gulfstream II, left the courthouse in tears after winning $2 million in a 2010 Scottie Pippen lawsuit.Scottie pippen $120 million , Scottie pippen europe 2008, Scottie pippen bulls ambassador

Sarah Ferguson : Sarah ferguson $3 million weight watchers

The Duchess of York, who has battled money woes, Sarah ferguson money problems, for years, was caught on tape, Sarah ferguson caught on tape, attempting to sell access, sarah ferguson $750,000, to her royal ex-husband, The Royal Family, to an undercover reporter.Sarah ferguson $3 million weight watchers , princess beatrice hat, finding sarah own, Sarah ferguson moving to los angeles

Teresa Giudice : Teresa giudice $3,333 episode

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star and her husband, Joe giudice, filed for bankruptcy in 2009 after accumulating millions Teresa giudice $9 million in debt. Teresa giudice $3,333 episode , Joe giudice jail

Nicolas Cage : Nicolas cage $20 million paycheck gone in 60 seconds

The Oscar winner Leaving Las Vegas, was forced to put some of his properties on the market after failing to pay taxes Nicolas cage $14 million taxes, for several years. Nicolas cage $20 million paycheck gone in 60 seconds, Nicolas cage fudgesicle, Nicolas cage arrested, Nicolas cage purchases

Mike Tyson : Mike tyson $300 million

The former heavyweight champion, Mike tyson boxing, who once spent $2 million on a bathroom fixture Mike tyson bathtub, filed for, mike tyson bankruptcy in 2003 after accumulating millions in debt. Mike tyson $27 million debt $34 million debt, Mike tyson filmography

Randy Quaid : Independence day $817 million

The “Independence Day” star and conspiracy theorist, randy quaid hollywood whackers, filed for bankruptcy, randy quaid bankrupt, in 2000 after his aptly named, the debtors movie, film bombed at the box office. independence day $817 million, Dennis quaid, randy quaid arrested

MC Hammer : Mc hammer $33 million 1991

The “U Can’t Touch This” rapper went from buying $30 million mansions to accumulating millions in debt, mc hammer bankruptcy by 1996. Mc hammer $33 million 1991, Mc hammer 50 million records

Heidi Fleiss : Heidi fleiss $10,000 night

The “Hollywood Madam” was a multimillionaire when she was busted (the charges, heidi fleiss tax evasion) for running a high-dollar prostitution ring. Heidi fleiss $10,000 night, Heidi fleiss reality show parrots

Kim Basinger

The Oscar-winning actress film L.A. Confidential, filed for, Kim basinger bankruptcy after an ill-fated attempt to own an entire town, braselton georgia. Kim basinger $20 million braselton georgia, I Dreamed of Africa $5 million paycheck

Willie Nelson

The “Red-Headed Stranger,” who found himself in hot water, Willie nelson irs $16.7 million, with the IRS in 1990, released a hilariously titled album, Willie nelson the irs tapes, to help pay off the debt. Willie Nelson Stardust/One For The Road/Honeysuckle Rose
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