Saskatchewan Couple Win $40 Million Lottery

Monday, 29 August 2011

Saskatchewan couple win $40 million lottery- Lottery Saskatchewan couple win August 19, 2011, the lottery Max jackpot in Canada was $40 million. That's considered a big jackpot in Canada. The next morning, Canadians woke up to the news that the jackpot had been won. They also learned that the winning ticket was purchased somewhere in Saskatchewan. All week, Canadians wondered who won the prize. Then today, one week after the draw, the winner stepped forward - John Kinzel. John is pictured here with his wife, Darlene.
With his $40 million win, John Kinzel instantly became the biggest ever lottery winner in the province of Saskatchewan. Not bad at all!
As for the winning numbers of 4, 14, 24, 41, 43, 46 and 49, John said that he chose the numbers himself and that they subconsciously came to him as he was filling out the number selection slip. Perhaps John has some type of ESP!
On top of the $20 million that John Kinzel won, he also won $20 on a separate line on the same draw. How about that?
At the time of his win, John Kinzel lived in Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan with his wife Darlene. Paradise Hill is approximately 300 km north of Saskatoon.
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