Chelsea Kidnapping Mikel Father Nigeria

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Chelsea kidnapping mikel father nigeria- It comes out on Monday that the kidnapping of father of John Obi Mikel, Chelsea midfielder, has been occurred in Nigeria's restive central region Plateau. Michael Obi was disappeared from his home sometime on Friday and the local police is still finding his location. Who did this is still unknown but there must be some security issues. As two days have been passed but still no ransom demand had been made.
Mikel is the seventh highest-paid African player in Europe according to a magazine survey in june. The magazine listed Mikel's salary as $5.8 million a year. It could be the reason of kidnapping.
It comes on Twitter by Mikel's father company, ''Mikel was informed by his manager prior to the Stoke v Chelsea match & decided to play so as not to let down his team & family.''
Nigeria is not a safe place to live from many years as thousands of people died due to fights between Muslims and Christans of two parts of it. Mikel's family, from the Igbo tribe, are a minority in the area.
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