Winehouse 'was with mystery man'

Thursday, 28 July 2011

 Winehouse 'was with mystery man'
 Winehouse 'was with mystery man'- It is said that Amy Winehouse was seen last time with a mystery man before her death. Police is now investigating Amy Winehouse's final movements and trying to get all the details about the last few hours of her life before her body found.And they are investigating reports she was with an unidentified male for some time the previous night. There is an amid cliam that Winehouse spent time with a mystery man on the Friday night are also being looked into.
Officers are piecing together the "missing hours" leading up to the discovery of the body.They want to determine whether there is any truth to rumours that she was with a man for several hours on Friday night.
A source close to the singer said: "She led a very chaotic lifestyle and quite often she would head out very late or even in the early hours of the morning to see her friends. No one really knows what Amy did after she was checked on by her doctor at 8pm." "There is a possibility she left her home at some point during the evening and some of her friends believe she may have headed out later."
It also emerged yesterday that Amy suffered hallucinations, vomiting and insomnia in the months before her death.Officers have already spoken to three "significant individuals", while an inquest has been adjourned until October 26.
The Back To Black star's body was found at 4pm on Saturday.Her dad Mitch said he believes Amy stayed in playing drums and singing that night - but police want to explore every eventuality and have already spoken to three "significant individuals".Officers have taken accounts from Amy's bodyguard, her doctor and a third friend - thought to be her childhood pal Tyler James.
The GP's notes are said to be crucial as police develop a picture of the singer's physical and mental health.
The source added: "It's important to get a clear picture of who she was with in the days and hours leading up to her death."
Friends say over the last few weeks, Amy regularly had seizures and fits of uncontrollable shaking.
But most worrying were the ghoulish visions that came to her in the middle of the night - one friend claimed she regularly saw people coming out of mirrors and mice scurrying around her feet.
The source said: "The hallucinations must have been truly terrifying.The line between reality and fantasy was increasingly blurred and Amy found it intolerable at times."
"No one can really appreciate how tough it has been for her. Even if she never touched drugs or alcohol again, her body had fallen to pieces.There was only so much it could take. Physically, she was a wreck. It was heartbreaking."
Amy was also afflicted with terrible insomnia. The source said: "She just couldn't sleep. It drove her to her wits' end but there was nothing she could do about it."
At her cremation on Tuesday, Amy's dad Mitch, 60, said his daughter had been winning her health battles.In a heartfelt eulogy, he said she had conquered her drug addiction and was "trying hard to deal with her drinking".But a friend of the star said: "The reality was different and Amy was suffering a great deal."
Amy left a £15.3million fortune in cash, property and companies.Mitch and Amy's mum Janis are expected to plough cash into a foundation in her name to help those struggling with substance abuse.The source added: “It’s important to get a clear picture of what was happening and who Amy was with in the days and hours leading up to her death.”
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