"Happiness is living": the original 3D-work Shintaro Ohata

Monday, 11 July 2011

 We often think about how much we mean to everyday little joy ride on a bicycle, an unexpected but warm-ka sms from a friend, play with your beloved pet. Such are the simple things once invisible paint life in the most vivid and pleasant colors. This is the "happiness of every day," said Shintaro Ohata Japanese artist (Shintaro Ohata) and handed in his unusual 3D-work.
 Shintaro Ohaty interesting work, above all, his original technique. The artist combines a plastic sculpture of papier mache with pictures written colors, adding details of interior composition. Through a combination of 2D and 3D objects Ohata creates amazing living heroes "in the situation" - a realistic, compelling and vivid.

 In his compositions Shintaro tries to betray emotion, derived from the very small pleasures of life. No wonder the characters in his 3D-work - is one's children. After all, they are still able to see the world as bright as it is by observing what adults do not betray the values.

 Shintaro Ohata himself commented on its exposure very Japanese, "Every scene from everyday life, like the rising sun, the beauty of the sunset or the light rain wet asphalt, becomes something memorable, if you think that it is unique," single ", and more will not happen again ... but I create work to catch these moments and capture forever. "

3D-work of Japanese artist not only wants to contemplate, but also touch - too naturalistic look at some of the sculptures of the full human growth. In fact, it can be done in the gallery Yukari Art Contemprary, in Tokyo. But the bike out of papier-mache and better not try to ride so as not to damage the installation.
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