Different Colored Eyes Day

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Different Colored Eyes Day
What do David Bowie, Jane Seymour, Christopher Walken, Mila Kunis, Dan Aykroyd and Aidan Quinn's character (Officer Gary Hallet) in "Practical Magic" have in common? They all have Heterochromia, or two different eye colors. While choosing an eye color for a driver's license must be a challenge for anyone with this trait, it's otherwise a pretty cool physical feature.
On Different Colored Eyes Day, celebrate diversity of eye color. You can figure out hypothetical (or a future child's) eye color using this eye color calculator .

Listen to songs inspired by eye color: "Don't it Make My Brown Eyes Blue," "Brown Eyed Girl," or "The Bluest Eyes in Texas."
Stop wearing contacts that change your eye color and be happy with color your parents passed on to you.
National Pecan Pie Day
While pecan pie can't count as a diet food, pecans do add some nutritional qualities to the sweet dessert. Pecans can help lower bad cholesterol. The tasty nut also contains Vitamin E, "which may provide a key element to neurological protection" according to a study cited by the National Pecan Shellers Association.
Spanish colonists were among the first to cultivate pecan trees in northern Mexico according to University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, and the first known mentions of pecan pie are from Texas according to the Foodtimeline. One theory attributes the first pecan pie to French settlers in New Orleans. The old recipes resemble modern day ones, with ample pecans, eggs, sugar, pie crust and a heavy reliance on Karo syrup.
Henry David Thoreau Birth Anniversary
Concord-born, Harvard-educated philosopher, writer and tax-resistor Henry David Thoreau built his own small hut near Walden Pond, on land owned by fellow Transcendentalist and essayist, Ralph Waldo Emerson. Essays of Thoreau are available to read for free on Bartleby , and July 12, his birth anniversary (July 12, 1817), is a perfect day to delve into his works. Walden Pond State Reservation is open to visitors year round, from 8 a.m. until sunset (time varies).
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