Car themes in the design of the nursery

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

 Among the many creative suggestions decor and furniture for children's rooms automotive theme is one of the most colorful and interesting, both for boys and for young ladies. You can verify this, having become acquainted with our colorful self-selection.
 Of course, the dominant auto-visual room is almost always a very "car" - a fun bed, elements of which mimic the body of the car. This bed can be bought, manufactured to order on an individual project or do it yourself, for example, in a deliberately democratic style of "vintage".

 Racing and fire engines, elegant ladies' car, colorful trucks, coaches, buses and locomotives funny are the main character, around which you can create a room, gas station, a cheerful forest clearing, highway race or color "cartoon" history.

 Posters, photographs, textiles, carpets, wallpaper and various accessories help to create a symbolic setting for the right furniture in the style of 'auto'. Of course, the undeniable drawback of this concept are the interiors of its uniqueness and moral "depreciation".
The child quickly grows, his interests and lifestyle change, requiring a more adult and neutral environment. Therefore, the life of a cheerful room - from three to five years.
 However, a smart race car or an elegant model of the rarity of known manufacturers of furniture can, without loss of quality and relevance, to remain in the room and even a teenage student. Over time, will need just a little update entourage - perekleit wallpaper, change the lighting, curtains, or to update the photos.
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