"Poor Yorick": a collection of designer porcelain skulls from Trevor Jackson

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

 To be or not be a skull in the art of design? That is the question. After all, a huge number of inhabitants of a given element type of the human body is still only a persistent association with the Satanists and the desire to cross. Or spit. Or a combination of both. In any case, do not use this symbol in everyday life. But, as practice shows, the opposition is so much stronger than his comrades and scale. This is evidenced by the cosmic variety of all kinds of products with a skull (from t-shirts to toys), and tender affection for the latter as a troubled adolescents and adults and is quite wealthy designers. Like Trevor Jackson (Trevor Jackson), who decided to have a chilling tea.
 Probably, a human skull may be associated with anything but edible. Not counting the sugar shards for the Mexican holiday of Calaveras, of course. But the London-based designer Trevor Jackson will not stop prejudice. In his creative imagination in "box for the brain" aesthetes may well make a cup of tea or two. And the teapot in the form of the skull (or, yet, in the form of a skull pot) is not very scary. After all, the king made ​​a dinner sets made ​​of porcelain of the highest class and is a true work of art. Yes, and a pattern of blue flowers (reminiscent of his native Gzhel) does not adjust to thinking about the inevitable.
 It's funny that in many cultures, the image of blue color symbolizes life. So it has turned a small design an oxymoron. But the sculptor took care also of those who do not like floral patterns in any shade, offering to buy original teapot in "natural" color.
 Unusual 'bone' designer collection is not limited to kettles. Mr. Jackson suggests using human skulls made ​​of porcelain as decoration. Three copies of the proposed look quite naturalistic. Mitigates the effect of unusual except that painting (in the form of cute rabbits, for example) and "anatomically incorrect" additions, like wings.
In any case, the designer collection of skulls from china is definitely find its fans. And not just among the ready.
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