Most pirsingovannaya woman married

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

When your body is covered with almost 7000 metal pier, another ring, nobody will notice, but Elaine Davidson - the most pirsingovannoy women in the world, the most important event in her life.
 Before becoming famous, Elaine worked as a nurse. Your way to glory Elaine Davidson, who was born in Brazil and moved then to Scotland, beginning in 2000: then her body was splashed 462 ringlet, with 192 of them - on the face. The woman's name-"hole punch" at once formally entered on the Guinness Book of Records. But to get to it - only half the battle.
 We still stay on top: the competitors is not asleep, breathing in the back and carefully prick a hole in the hope to surpass the world record. And away: a hole for a hole that no year - the new "success. " In May 2008, a woman's body, seemed to have no more living space: 5,920 punctures! But no, the Book of Records is waiting for new developments, and Elaine has done a few new holes. Now their number has reached 6,925 pieces. And somewhere a half thousand rings and balls are concealed in the inner cavities of the record holder.
Elaine herself argues that the piers it does not interfere, and it does not remove them even at night. The desire to adorn themselves piercings, she explained the love of art. With his love to extreme, including walking on glass and fire, Elaine does not suffer from bad habits - she does not smoke or drink.

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