Embarrassing NBA flub in Miami newspaper

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Hey, Macy's. You make sensible products sold at reasonable prices. You're in every mall, but you don't let that stop you from providing goods and services for your local clientele that keep your customers happy. You aim to please. And sometimes, you go too far, in that pursuit.
Like taking out an ad in the Miami Herald congratulating the 2010-11 NBA champion Miami Heat. A team that didn't exactly win the NBA championship. Par for the course, with a fine brand that just wants to be at home in the community and offer solid savings to fans of the hometown team. Then, of course, the Miami Herald has to go jump the gun and publish the ad even though the Heat didn't actually win. Even though, had the Heat even won Sunday's Game 6, they still would have left the NBA Finals tied at 3-3, with a seventh game to be played on Tuesday. Way to leave Macy's in the cold, Miami Herald.

Now, it's not as if Heat fans will care much. There aren't many of them, they sold quite a few of their tickets to Dallas Mavericks fans for Game 6, and a good chunk of them probably still think there's a Game 7 on Tuesday left to play.
Source : Yahoo
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